This section was created on 9 January 2017 and has been used since then to constantly update citizens on the Plan’s implementation and, thus, facilitate the civic monitoring of commitments. Each one of the 34 commitments included in the Plan has its own dedicated page containing:

  • Key information(“Lead Implementing Administration”, “Other PAs and actors involved”, “Implementation period”, “Beginning of activity”, “Short description”, “General objective”, “Specific commitments” and “Expected results”);
  • counter showing in green the “achieved objectives”, in yellow the “objectives still to be achieved” and in red the “unachieved objectives” (those running beyond the deadline);
  • timeline of specific objectives showing their progress status (“Started”, “Not started yet”, “Achieved”, “Not achieved”) with updates and information on their implementation; if the Lead Implementing Administration has not provided any update on the implementation process, the N.A. (not available) acronym is shown. 

    As Lead Implementing Administrations gradually provide updated information on the implementation of commitments, this is included in the relevant sections..