According to the rules of the Open Government Partnership, during the two-year NAP cycle, participating countries have to produce self-assessment reports in consultation with civil society. The self-assessment reports are a key accountability tool and together with the independent progress reports are used to track progress in individual countries.

More specifically, two types of reports have to be produced for each NAP cycle:

  • A Mid-term report to be produced after a year since the beginning of the NAP cycle by the public administration responsible for the Plan’s implementation, for Italy the Department for Public Administration. This document is not only a preliminary evaluation of the progress made by countries in achieving the goals set in the Action Plan, but it also analyses the level of involvement of civil society in developing and implementing the Plan itself.
  • An End-of-term self-assessment report which focuses on the Plan’s final results, consultation during implementation and lessons learned.

2nd Action Plan – End-of-term self-assessment report 

 READ the Report (.pdf) CONSULTATION on the report

3 rd Action Plan – Mid-term report