Toolkit SAA2019

  • WHEN: 11-17 March 2019
  • WHERE: throughout Italy
  • WHO: open gov activists, public employees, businesses, all citizens!
  • HOW: Participate in an event, either online or personally | Collaborate with other citizens and government | Engage your government or local CSOs to clear your doubts
  • HASHTAG: #SAA2019

The Open Government Week – SAA2019 is addressed to all those who believe that citizens should play an active role in public decision-making. During the Open Gov Week, participate in the debate and share your viewpoint and ideas in workshops, hackathons, public debates, webinars, open data releases and other events organized by citizens, civil society and administrations throughout Italy.


Find and event in your area! Go to for a list of Open Gov Week events scheduled in your area, or follow online events. Share an event that you consider interesting on social media to invite more people.
From now until 11 March, the first day of the Open Gov Week, the events listed at will be constantly updated. Visit this page regularly to learn about new events or follow our Twitter hashtag #SAA2019.


If you want to promote an event on open government during the Open Gov Week, you can fill out the form available at The event can be a workshop, a hackathon, a public debate, a webinar, etc. Once the event gets approved by the OGP Team Italy, it will be included in the complete list of events available at . Finally, don’t forget to share your event on social networks using the hashtag #SAA2019.

You may want to use the shared 2019 graphic style for the Open Gov Week.


You can also join the people who participate in the 2019 Open Gov Week  through different social platforms. Join the conversation through:

By sharing your ideas and opinions on social media using these hashtags, you will help make the debate more open, participatory and inclusive.

You may want to use the shared 2019 graphic style for the Open Gov Week.