Italy’s participation in the Open Government Partnership is coordinated by the Department for Public Administration.
The Department set up a team with the purpose of:
– coordinating the working group of administrations involved in the Action Plan
– coordinating and supervising the work of the Open Government Forum which includes civil society representatives
– drafting OGP documents (action plans, reports)
– informing citizens on the initiatives developed and the implementation of commitments

The OGP Team consists of:

Department for Public Administration
– Pia Marconi
– Patrizio Caligiuri
– Elio Gullo
– Stefano Pizzicannella
– Marco Marrazza

Agency for Digital Italy
– Marco Bani

– Riccardo Luna
– Ernesto Belisario
– David Casalini
– Claudio Cesarano
– Marta Leonori
– Oscar Badoino