Open Gov Week 2022

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From 16 to 20 May 2022 the Open Gov Week will take place simultaneously worldwide in the 77 OGP member countries.

The event, originally organized by Italy as Settimana dell’Amministrazione Aperta, will involve leaders and activists who will get together to share ideas, discuss solutions and work on new ways of involving citizen into the public policies.

Here below you can find the instructions how to submit an event and promote it as part of the Open Gov Week 2022. You can also browse the events of the programme at the bottom of this page and register to the ones you are interested in.

Take part in the Open Gov Week 2022

Public administrations, civil society organizations and citizens can contribute to the Open Gov Week 2022, organizing initiatives related to the themes of transparency and anti-corruption, participation, digital innovation and accountability.

In order to promote the event as part of the Open Gov Week 2022, it is necessary to fill in the event notification form and receive a confirmation that it has been added to the calendar. Download as well the kit to promote your event on the web and social media.


Take part in the debate with the hashtags #OpenGovWeek and # OGW2022 and register to the already scheduled events here below.

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