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International webinar on the value of civil society

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On 16 March the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Democratic Freedoms Learning Network (DFLN) is hosting a webinar to discuss the value of civil society and how expanding civic space can help make countries more resilient and successful.

The webinar will look at the vital role that civil society plays in responding to crises, combating corruption, improving governance, tackling complex challenges and achieving better outcomes for people.

The conversation will draw on:

• evidence from OGP's Skeptic’s Giude to Open Government, published to support the impact of Open Government in ten action areas;

• on the OECD’s Global Report on Civic Space, presented on 16 December 2022, which underlines the need for a systematic approach to the protection of civic space and recommends to address marginalisation, improving access to independent information, ensuring an active involvement of citizens and stakeholders in decision-making processes;

• on experience from government and civil society leaders across the Partnership.

The Democratic Freedoms Learning Network is an informal network of reformers, civil society advocates and international partners working at local, national and international levels to revitalize civic space and to promote rights on democratic freedoms, such as rights of assembly, association, expression and privacy.


• Anabel Cruz, Founder Director, Institute for Communication and Development Uruguay, OGP Co-Chair

• Deniz Devrim, Policy Analyst, OECD Observatory of Civic Space

• Wanjiru Gikonyo, Former Executive Director, The Institute for Social Accountability, Kenya

• Ott Karulin, OGP Point of Contact, Government of Estonia, OGP Co-Chair

• Peter Noolander, Consultant and Co-Author of OGP Skeptic's Guide

• Oleksandr Yarema, State Secretary, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine