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Welcome to the page dedicated to the monitoring of Open Government which provides updates on the state of implementation of the actions and commitments contained the 5th National Action Plan for Open Government (5NAP).

This page is constantly evolving and was created with the aim to enable civic monitoring of the activities implemented in frame of Open Government in Italy for users and, in particular, to follow more closely the implementation of the current National Action Plan for the Open Government (Action Plan).

By joining the Open Government Partnership (OGP), governments assume, among others, the responsibility to implement the commitments set out in the Action Plan and to monitor and evaluate its progress, in compliance with the indications of the OGP National Handbook – Rules and Guidance for Participants (2022).

The monitoring of implementation of the ongoing 5NAP, launched in March 2022, envisages an active involvement of the work teams responsible for the commitments, composed of both public administrations (PA) and Civil Society Organizations (OSC), based on the principles of co-responsibility that inspired the drafting of the Plan. Each team identifies a contact person who provides information necessary to monitor relative commitment.

This page allows to view, examine and evaluate the state of implementation of the ongoing Action Plan.

Stay tuned for the activities, come back to this page for more details.

5NAP evaluation reports

Five progress reports will be produced during the 5NAP implementation phase according to the following timeline:

Evaluation Report 1 - June 2022

Evaluation Report 2 - October 2022

• Evaluation Report 3 - February 2023

• Evaluation Report 4 - June 2023

• Evaluation Report 5 - October 2023

The expected evaluation reports will be published in the Monitor section of the site starting from August 2022 and will provide information on the progress of the commitments also based on the indicators identified for evaluation of the achieved results.

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