OpenGov Champion Award

The 2022 edition rewards CSO open government initiatives.

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The OpenGov Champion Award is an initiative organized and promoted by the Department for Public Administration of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers as part of the Italian participation in the Open Government Partnership (OGP), based on the idea of the Open Government Forum (OG Forum). By institution of the Award the Department for Public Administration wishes to recognize, promote and reward annually best practices inspired by the founding principles of open government: administrative transparency, open data, participation, accountability, citizenship and digital skills.

Who can participate in the OpenGov Champion Award

Every other year the Award targets public administrations or civil society organizations (CSO) to underline the dual nature of democracy and the significant contribution that both actors are meant to provide. The participating organizations can submit their projects to one of the three Award categories:

  • administrative transparency;
  • participation and accountability;
  • citizenship and digital skills.

Furthermore, special mentions are foreseen for project of particular importance which have positively impacted their communities or have demonstrated an innovative implementation of the open government principles. In this respect, some best initiatives were included in the National Action Plans (NAP) which represent the formal commitment of the Italian Government.

OpenGov Champion and Open Gov Week

Starting from 2017, the Award is announced every year on the occasion of the Open Gov Week: the first step of call for applications is followed by the evaluation performed by the Technical Committee of the Department for Public Administration, then goes the announcement of the 10 finalists and, finally, the award ceremony takes place during the ForumPA - the key national event dedicated to the modernization of public administration held in May.

Follow the debate on social media under the hashtag #OpenGovChampion.

Discover the OpenGov Champions

Six editions of the OpenGov Champion Award have taken place:


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