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The second 4-month evaluation report on the implementation of the fifth National Action Plan (5NAP) is available in the Monitor section. The report comprises the progress on the commitments and achievements relating to open government delivered by the Community OGP Italy in the period 1 July - 31 October 2022.

Following the consultation process, the update of the 5NAP envisaged the revision of some actions: the contents of some commitments’ activities and the composition of the working teams were reshaped according to the OGP criteria. On the whole, all 5NAP commitments are progressing according to the set timeline. The 4-month period has registered a progress in the implementation of the action on governance and the national strategy for open government.


The Report highlights

Within action 1 on governance and strategy, the establishment and the launch of the Multistakeholder Forum with the approved Regulation represent the final result. The newly established Forum, in addition to development of the priorities for the OG national strategy, will have to promote the results gradually achieved by the 5NAP, as well as to implement the future strategy.

As part of action 2 on the culture of integrity, the collaboration of multiple stakeholders resulted in development of good practices. Despite the changes in the organizational structure, the commitments of action 2 were characterized by an advanced involvement of civil society into the re-design of the National Anti-Corruption Plan and into the consultation process which resulted in elaboration by civil society of a document with observations on the transposition of art. 20 of the European Directive 1937/2019 further submitted by ANAC to the attention of the Technical Table. For example, in the context of the legislation on whistleblowing, multilateral meetings were organized targeting representatives of the institutions and CSOs involved in the whistleblowing management process. Furthermore, the RPCT community of practice has already identified new advanced trainings on transparency, beneficial owners, participated PIAO, open agendas and standards of conduct of public decision-makers; moreover, it is an example of good practice recognized at international level.

In the frame of action 3 on civic participation the model of the national participation Hub was developed.

With regard to action 4 on promotion and protection of the civic space, it is necessary to proceed with identification and mapping of new subjects to invite to the Community as this can ensure a greater commitment in the implementation of effective public policies supporting women and youth nationwide. In this regard, the Multistakeholder Forum guarantees the inclusion of different voices and requests within the Community OGP Italy.

Under action 5 on inclusive digital innovation the objectives have already been partially achieved and the interventions have been activated in all the Regions with direct contracts between DTD and the concerned regions. Finally, an increasingly consolidated collaborative approach between PAs and CSOs featured the activities of the commitment led by ANAC on national databases and investment projects, as well as on integration with other data sources for monitoring of the NRRP contracts.

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