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Corruption prevention and culture of integrity

Grafica di poliedro trasparente
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Context and objectives of the action

The value of the Open Government approach to promoting public integrity and preventing and combating corruption goes far beyond the effects of individual initiatives. Some countries use the open government approach to integrate their policies on preventing and combating corruption within robust strategies open to the contribution of a rich plurality of stakeholders.

The Italian 4th NAP contains at least three actions (3, 5 and 7) directly related to the "anti-corruption" policy area. The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) states that, with regard to the 4th NAP, although previous recommendations have been taken into account, several actions remain too broad due to the proliferation of specific commitments within them. Renewed interest at the national and international levels on integrity and corruption prevention issues calls for a relaunch of public sector integrity and corruption prevention and counteraction policies.

However, the uncertainty and fluidity of the legislative framework, which on many issues of interest is still being defined (reform of Law 190/2012, regulation of lobbies, transposition of the EU Directive on whistleblowing, adoption of the Register of beneficial owners, etc.) suggest that we should wait for the consolidation of new instruments. It, therefore, emerges that action should be oriented towards promoting the full integrity of the implementation phase of the National Resilience and Recovery Plan (NRRP).

From this point of view, we consider it necessary to network the relevant actors for the prevention of corruption in Italy, capable of generating, in the NRRP implementation phase, a greater cooperation among civil society actors and institutions capable of orienting and strengthening corruption prevention strategies, as well as a better support to the Heads of Corruption Prevention in facing the challenges of the implementation of the NRP.

It is also necessary to create the conditions to achieve maximum coordination between the measures aimed at protecting the integrity of public action, aiming at seeking every possible synergy between the apparatuses in charge of the prevention of corruption and money laundering within the public administrations, so as to maximize the benefits deriving from the integrated application of the relevant safeguards.


Commitment 2.01

Strategies and networks for integrity and transparency

Commitment 2.02

Community of practice of those responsible for the prevention of corruption and transparency