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Can open government improve the relationship between infrastructures and inhabitants?

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To strengthen citizens’ participation in the framework of the national RRP, the webinar analyses the impact of public debate. The discussion regarding the involvement of local communities in strong impact projects on the territory is increasingly widespread, also in relation to the energy crisis that the we are now living. The main question is: “Does this government openness succeed in improving the relationship between projects and territory, making decisions more shared and effective?”. Institutional actors will be involved to answer together with stakeholders who may bring new perspectives for improvement.


Moderation by Iolanda Romano, expert of the OG Task Force of the Civil Service Department

  • Opening greetings - Sauro Angeletti, Civil Service Department
  • Public debates proponents: Vincenzo Macello, Director of Investments RFI and extraordinary commissioner; Vincenzo Marzi, extraordinary commissioner for Garganica road, ANAS
  • Comments on the prospects: Serenella Paci, president of Aip2; Edoardo Zanchini, vice president of Legambiente; Paola Brambilla, coordinator of the VIA Commission - Ministry of Ecological Transition
  • Comments and questions from the public
  • Concluding remarks, Caterina Cittadino, president of the CNDP

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