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Coordinate anti-corruption strategies to defend democracy

cartolina evento Coordinare le strategie anticorruzione
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The 5th National Action Plan focuses on promoting integrity and preventing corruption, and in particular strengthening anti-corruption strategies with the contribution of institutional actors and civil society. Following recent international events, the need to coordinate such strategies also emerges to contrast phenomena, such as kleptocracy and international corruption, which directly threaten the democracies of Western countries. The webinar aims at broadening the debate on current initiatives, also identifying potential future actions to be included in the agenda for Open Government in Italy.


  • Opening works - Sauro Angeletti, Civil Service Department
  • Commitments for the prevention of corruption and the culture of integrity - Massimo Di Rienzo, TF OGP, Valentina Donini - National Administration School
  • Democracy under seizure
  • How kleptocracies interfere in the decisions of states and how they are financed through the "free" economy - Pending confirmation
  • The integrity of public decisions. Transparency of relations between stakeholders and public decision makers - Federico Anghelè, The Good Lobby
  • The tool of transparency of beneficial owners. How to use it and why. The national framework and international coordination - Italo Borrello, UIF Bank of Italy
  • Question and answer session