Aidan Eyakuze, the OGP Co-Chair, is visiting Italy

Aida Eyakuze, co-chair OGP
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On 21 April 2022 Aidan Eyakuze, Italy’s partner chairing the Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership, on the occasion of his second visit to Italy will meet the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) involved into the implementation of the 5th National Action Plan (5NAP) since March.

The day after, Aidan Eyakuze will take part in the meeting of the Task Force OG of the Department for Public Administration at the Vidoni Palace. On the same day, on behalf of OGP, he is expected to participate in the Conference "People-centered governance in a post-pandemic world" focused on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal "Peace, justice and inclusive societies" (SDG 16).

Finally, his visit foresees an interview with the political authorities of the Department.

Aidan Eyakuze is particularly interested in the views of the civil society organizations on the outcomes of the co-creation process which resulted in the development of the 5NAP with the support of the Department for Public Administration.

The meeting of 21 April will also provide an opportunity to discuss with Aidan the activities of the Civic Space Learning Network promoted by him at the OGP Global Summit 2021, and how the Italian CSOs can contribute to its success.

The OGP Civic Space Learning Network was designed as a space to promote national and local initiatives for protection and enhancement of civic space. The network aims to engage a global coalition of civic space reformers interested in the implementation of reforms aimed at its opening and protection.

The following CSOs will take part in the meeting with Aidan Eyakuze: Action Aid, Argomenti2000, Monithon EU, PA Social, The Good Lobby, Transparency IT.

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