The OGP Europe Regional Meeting - Rome, 11-12 October 2022

Italy is hosting the work of Open Government reformers in Europe

2022 OGP Europe Regional Meeting
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On 11 and 12 October 2022, the Italian government in collaboration with OGP and the Estonian government will host the OGP Europe Regional Meeting in Rome, a pivotal moment to re-gain energy and motivation after the challenging time of the pandemic, to share experiences and perspectives and generate new political support to make governments more transparent, accountable and responsive to citizens, and to address our current regional and global challenges.

The Europe Regional Meeting will bring together reformers, open government champions and stakeholders: the event will be attended by government and civil society representation from each European OGP national and local member, as well as by key international partners.

Furthermore, a meeting dedicated to the OGP Steering Committee will take place on 13-14 October 2022 – an opportunity to take a closer look at the needs and the evolution of the OGP 2023-2027 strategy.

Further details regarding the OGP Europe Regional Meeting and the Steering Committee meeting will be available on a dedicated page. 

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