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A week of opportunities to discuss and design the future of open government in Italy

Open Gov Week 2022 Italy
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The countdown has started: from 16 to 20 May 2022 the 77 countries of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) will celebrate together the Open Gov Week 2022 (OGW2022) - a week of events dedicated to open government.

The event, launched by Italy in 2017 as  Settimana dell’Amministrazione Aperta, has changed its name to Open Gov Week to line up with the global initiative and highlight the international role of Italy, the OGP Co-Chair.

The Open Gov Week invites to take an active part in transforming the way governments respond to the citizens’ needs. It is an opportunity to share ideas, projects, initiatives, discuss solutions and inspire an open government reform to renew democracy and make the public administration more open to discussion, transparency, culture of integrity and accountability.

All the events

The updated list of all events is available on the Open Gov Week 2022 page.

The events of the Department for Public Administration

This year once again the Department for Public Administration (DFP) will be one of the main actors of the event. There are seven events on the calendar and numerous topics to be addressed – such as gender equality, digital innovation, fight against corruption – which aim to describe how public administrations and civil society organizations are collaborating to implement the Fifth National Plan for Open Government (5NAP), launched in early March. Seven events to discuss the expected results with institutional actors and stakeholders and to collect new proposals and ideas for co-creation of a future national strategy which would push forward the implementation of the open government principles in Italy:

  1. 16 May (14:30-16:30) – The opening plenary session

      2. 17 May (11: 30-13:00) - Inclusive digital innovation for Open Government

Building on the data analysis and on the European, national and regional policies, in particular, on the operational plan of the national strategy for digital skills, the webinar will illustrate a project for creation of a national network of digital facilitation points, presenting the involved actors and the objectives to be achieved within the 5NAP.

  1. 18 May (11:30-13:00) - Open data: a tool for civic monitoring of public procurement within NRRP projects

The webinar will illustrate the framework which defined the action "Inclusive digital innovation" and will provide insights of the specific commitment on open data in the 5NAP "Open standards for the inclusiveness and participation of civil society in the monitoring of public spending”

  1. 19 May (11:30-13:00) – Coordinating anti-corruption strategies to defend democracy

The webinar will provide an opportunity for discussion to the representatives of institutions and civil society organizations, giving food for thought on building a strategic vision essential for upgrading corruption prevention policies at global and national level, also in the dramatic context of the war in Ukraine.

  1. 19 May (15:00-16:30) - First steps towards the co-creation of the national strategy Italia Open Gov

The event will discuss the upcoming process of co-creation of the Italian national strategy for open government: a process based on the OGP and OECD recommendations which enables a mechanism for feedback and active participation and involves as the protagonist the new Multi-Stakeholder Forum. The discussion will be also focused on the role of institutional communication and information both at national and regional level.

  1. 20 May (11:30-13:00) - Youth, women and participation: the contribution of Open Government to defend rights and strengthen democracy

The webinar will present the context and the progress in implementation of the 5NAP commitments focused on the defence of civic space; it will call for a debate on the initiatives to be put on the agenda to bridge the generation and gender gaps still relevant for our country. With the aim of rendering effective the fundamental rights recognised at European level, it is important to ideate new actions which put women and youth at the core of the open government agenda.

  1. The closing event 20 May (17:00-18:30) - Can Open Government better connect large-scale works with the territory?

The webinar will analyse the role of the public debate in strengthening citizens’ participation in the NRRP. The discussion between institutional actors and stakeholders will touch the involvement of local communities into projects with a strong territorial impact, aiming to identify efficient implementation opportunities.

The parallel events

Many other events will run in parallel to those held by DFP. Here below is a first calendar of further events confirmed and organized as part of the Italia Open Gov initiative:

•        17 May (15:00-16:00) The ParteciPA platform to support public policies

The webinar will demonstrate the potential of the ParteciPA platform in support of public policies and participatory processes and will present methodological elements that can bring added value. The webinar will also discuss in detail some of the recent public consultations carried out by the government.

• 18 May (15: 00-16:00) Quality digital services as a driver to empower citizens

The webinar will explore the needs for planning and implementation of digital experiences and the need for citizens’ endorsement to develop quality public services.

• 20 May (15:00-16:00) Experimenting and innovating with the open government pilot projects

The webinar will examine the methodological approach which sustains some pilot projects of open government, the technological tools developed and reused within the project as well as the experiences of administrations that actively participated in their development.

Be part of the Open Gov Week 2022

The rich agenda of meetings taking place during the Open Gov Week 2022 in Italy and abroad is not limited to this first list. It is possible to submit new events by filling in the event notification form, and consult the dedicated page on this website to check the full list.

Kit Open Gov Week 2022

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